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E.T. video game cartridges: 1980's video game cartridges to be dug up

E.T. video game cartridges will be dug up in New Mexico by searchers and documentary filmmakers. On April 4, Chicago Tribune reported that the excavation of the video games will begin on April 26. It is believed that there are millions of "unwanted" E.T. video games in a landfill in the small city of Alamogordo. The game cartridges were reportedly buried there by Atari after extremely poor sales.

"Filmmakers will set out to an old Alamogordo landfill, about 200 miles south of Albuquerque, to determine if the story of the video game cartridge burial is true, a Microsoft representative said" (via the Chicago Tribune).

The E.T. video game cartridges are going to help tell the story of "the worst video game ever created." Since the movie was so popular and the game was so unpopular, it has become interesting to many people -- especially to gamers. What made this video game so terrible? Why did people hate it so much? All of these questions should be answered in this film -- assuming the upcoming dig is successful.

"The New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department approved the excavation plans on Monday, after denying the dig two months ago due procedural concerns that have since been resolved, said department spokesman Jim Winchester (via the Chicago Tribune). Would you be interested in watching such a documentary?

More on the E.T. video game cartridges in the video above.

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