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E.T. coming home? Company seeks to search landfill for worlds ‘worst’ Atari game

The search will begin for a Canadian studio company as a New Mexico city commissioner has granted them the right to search a landfill for copies of the Atari 2600 1983 “E.T.” video game. The game is considered one of the worst video games of all time. According to The Christian Science Monitor on June 5, Alamogordo commissioners decided that they will allow Fuel Industries to search the landfill for the tossed out “E.T.” video game.

Atari paid “E.T.” movie film owner Stephen Spielberg over $10 million to license the extremely popular 1982 movie’s name. Sadly, the dud of a game cause Atari’s net worth to sink even further at the time. On the positive side, the game has since developed a cult following with Atari collectors.

There is a great urban legend surrounding this particular landfill. Joe Lewandowski, who has been in the garage business for years told the Alamogordo News that the legend about the thousands of copies of “E.T.” Atari game buried in the old landfill is nothing more than a rumor; one of the biggest ones among gamers. Some people believe the story while others don’t.

Lewandowski wrote a book debunking the legend. Many of the people claimed to have been involved in the massive dumb have since passed away. This only feeds fuel to the never ending rumor. Joe did go on to tell Alamogordo News that he was present the day the first of nine truckloads of “E.T.” were allegedly dumped by one of his competitors. Twenty more truckloads are said to have existed. These trucks were said to contain Atari games, hardware, and other assorted merchandise. In the stacks of games contained at least 3.5 million copies of “E.T.”

The Canadian company, Fuel Industries, is on their own mission to prove those truckloads of “E.T.” games did exist. They’ll have six months to scour the landfill in an attempt to excavate the Atari items which are said to be located within a 100 acre area.

What do you think; will Fuel Industries uncover copies of “E.T.” in the Alamogordo landfill?

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