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E.T. and The Green Planet-- book or free app

After 30 years since the film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial© by Universal Studios, there is an Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch app that is free to download and play but does offer non-compulsory In-App purchases which can be disabled in device settings.

ET returns home to The Green Planet after just having left his Earth friend Elliot and finds it suffering in an environmental catastrophe. Only the healing touch of ET can save his people by creating "enchanted gardens full of intergalactic plant life."

Just like is needed on earth to save our planet, the land must be cultivated, seeds sown, plants nurtured, and structures built to make the "most astounding planet in the universe." Also like on earth, seeds can be cross-bred to create fantastic new plant hybrids. Players can collect artifacts from the film and put together a communicator for contacting Earth, or visit friends’ gardens on The Green Planet.

The game requires iOS 5.0 or later and is sold by Chillingo Ltd. Friends can be invited to join in playing via Facebook and Twitter. Watch the attached video for more on the game.

E.T.: The Book of the Green Planet by William Kotzwinkle shows what it is like from whence E.T. comes. It reveals that the name of E.T.'s species translates to "Children of the Green Planet" and other names given to E.T.'s home like Brodo Asogi all mean "Green Planet." Whatever it is called in the Star Wars canon or Cloak of Deception, its inhabitants are the supreme masters in the galaxy of growing things. E.T. goes back to the huge enchanted gardens there but does not forget his love for Elliott and his family or for junk food.

Three million light years away back on Earth, friend Elliott is losing his memories of E.T. over a girl in his school and forgets E.T.'s lessons on peace and gentleness. Julie's computer screens are even flashing green text on the old Basic black screens and she seeks Elliot's help. E.T. says of Elliott "He is about to become the most terrible thing of all...He is about to become -- Man." E.T. thinks he must save Elliott but he is somewhat mixed up and the the telepathic beam is off course.

Use of fun media like games, books and films helps children and adults learn great lessons about living green and keeping planets healthy and focused on peace in a way that they will not forget.

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