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E.G. unwRAPped: "Let's Go" dropped today!

E.G. unwRAPped: "Let's Go" dropped today!
E.G. unwRAPped: "Let's Go" dropped today!

Allow me to introduce you to the world’s next big rap artist - E.G. His latest single, “Let’s Go (All I Need In My Life)” dropped today and it’s a must-have. The first song on E.G.’s full-length album, Let’s Go is best described as a motivational anthem – with its main mantra, “True indeed all I need is the air I breathe and I can do anything, let’s go!” The single is part of E.G.’s upcoming full-length album, Rededication, a cerebral ride through the mind of an artist whose heart is grounded in passion and self-awareness.

E.G.’s destiny is embedded in the rap sounds of his creative influences: MJ, Al Green, Big Daddy, and Nas. He can still remember the words to the first rap song that carved a permanent place in his heart, mind, and eventually, his career. From childhood on, life-reflecting lyrics flowed freely, eventually making their way into his self-produced album Calm Before The Storm, E period G period, and Reloaded, featuring Max B and Cory Gunz.

With his rhyming repertoire honed and his songs selected, E.G. is ready to release Rededication. The featured playlist is imbued with expressive lyrics, rooted in his life history and upbringing in Harlem USA. Thoughts, feelings, and experiences are peppered with just the right amount of wit, machismo, and a nearly imperceptible amount of impudence. His universally-identifiable messages resonate deeply, evidenced in Doppelganger, a track from Rededication, which highlights our collective urge to self-sabotage. Or Grey, an ode to E.G.’s view of the world - a perspective shared by many.

E.G.’s authentic verbal flow is more than just performance poetry – it’s the actualization of a vision – once nascent, now set to emerge.

Rededication will also include “Demo to the People” – gratis bonus tracks just for the fans. According to E.G., it’s all about appreciation – toward others and yourself.

Download “Let’s Go (All I Need In My Life)”

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