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E-cigarettes available in US now sold in Fresno

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Electronic cigarettes are a new addition to the quitting smoking arsenal which now includes pills, lozenges, inhalers, patches, and nicotine gum.  Although they are available in many cities, people living in the Fresno area may not be aware of what they are or how to find them. 

These items may be just what you need to get off the tobacco nic-sticks forever.  This is also harm-reduction, meaning that experts know that people will continue to do things that are dangerous for them no matter the consequences, so minimizing damage is the goal.  It's just water vapor, and we already inhale water vapor whenever we breathe.

Because they are not a tobacco product, all of the negative effects of tobacco are eliminated, but they DO contain nicotine, and nicotine does have side effects.  You can choose your desired nicotine content, making it make it simpler to cut back.  Liquid that contains no nicotine at all is also available so you can continue your habit without inhaling any drugs at all beyond the base product.

These devices operate by using an atomizer to turn the e-liquid into vapor which you inhale when you take a drag.  The vapor looks about like smoke does but dissipates much more rapidly.  The feeling you get in the back of your throat when you inhale tobacco cigarette smoke is virtually identical.

Electronic cigarettes are now available for purchase in the United States, and even in Fresno!  The following stores carry e-cigarettes and accessories:

  • 7-11 This chain convenience store carries the Xhale02 but are temporarily pulling their stock so the distributor can get authorization to sell them.  They come from China, and apparently additional paperwork is required of him before he can restock their stores.  I'll post here when the problem is cleared up.   7-11 was the first store I saw that carried them.  There are many 7-11s in for Fresno, so you probably have one nearby.  Be sure to call before going to make sure they are stocked again.  StoreLocator
  • Kaleidoscope  - (559) 229-5683 4565 N Blackstone Ave
  • The Smoke Shop - (559) 226-2379 - 3135 N. Maroa Ave

More to come on this topic.

Please post below if you have any questions, and I'll respond promptly, or you can email me at


  • Profile picture of terri
    terri 4 years ago

    I have wanted to stop smoking for awhile now but every one in my family and friends smoke so the temptations are there. I bought the Xhale02 from 7-11 in washington state and I love it. The price is right the relistic smoke is great I am a happy smoker/ non smoker. I recommend this product to anyone that smokes.

  • Andy Krysinski 4 years ago

    I like the Smoke Free 123 starter kits better than the xhaleo2. I kept getting a burnt taste from xhale and they would not exchange them. I bought the Smoke Free one and I love it. Here is the web site. Good luck to all who want to quit.

  • Robin Xiao 3 years ago

    Quite fabulous, and if you all need this kinds of products, we can do that for you. Supply the E-cigarette in China.

  • Gabriel Macy 2 years ago

    This is great news. My brother takes this instead of the traditional cigarette, and indeed, the smoke dissipates faster and does not linger in the room. He also reduced the nicotine content, which makes it even less harmful to his health.
    Gabriel Macy -

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