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E-Cigarettes: Are they safe and effective?

The argument that is common in New York and other states is on electronic cigarettes, and the main question that seems to be in debate at the moment is their safety. The battery devices that resemble cigarettes heat nicotine and emit a vapor that is apparently benign.

Even so, New York City and Chicago are contemplating adding e-cigarettes to their prohibitions on smoking in pubs, restaurants and parks althought they do not create smoke. Similarly, Los Angeles is moving to limit electronic cigarette sales. While e-cigarettes have not proved to be completely safe for users, they are certainly considered less dangerous than traditional cigarettes.

The evidence indicates that electronic cigarettes are used by many smokers expecting to kick the habit, and they provide a somewhat safer option to tobacco. Research also shows that electronic cigarettes may also be better than pharmaceutical products like nicotine patches or chewing gum at helping maintain smoking cessation.

SmokeTastic explains how to use electronic cigarettes safely. It is important to properly care for the battery and to use the E-liquid, which contains nicotine, only as directed. Specialists consider nicotine dangerous especially in high doses. Tobacco control supporters consisder the use of treatments like nicotine gum and the nicotine patch as temporary smoking-cessation assistance.

In the early 2000’s the chairman of a Public Health Service group called for treatment for tobacco dependence, even if that meant treating smokers "for the remainder of their lives."

There is concern that electronic cigarettes will function as an introduction to smoking . New York City's health commissioner, Thomas A. Farley, said, "it is a threat to public health that shouldn't take place." However, prohibiting vaping (the smoking of e-cigarettes) in public may not help with the eradication of smoking or health improvement among the general population.

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