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E-cigarette ban protects minors

San DIegans now have to obey smoking bans in both areas marked with "No Smoking" and "No Electronic CIgarette" signs.
San DIegans now have to obey smoking bans in both areas marked with "No Smoking" and "No Electronic CIgarette" signs.
Adam Benjamin

City councilmembers voted to stop the spread of E-cigarette use among minors on Monday. Passing an electronic cigarettes ban that prohibits public use of the smoking devices, and sales, the same way tobacco cigarettes are prohibited.

The pleasure product may no longer be sold in vending machines. Vending machine sales of refills, cartridges and attachments, and other paraphernalia, and the vaping juice used to make smoke vapors in the cigarettes are also prohibited.

California health and safety law prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors.

The new San DIego ordinance prohibits e-cigarette smoking at the city's parks and beaches, and at workpalces. EVen break rooms and cafeterias will stay off limits. E-cigarette smokers need a designated outdoor e-cigarette smoking area to smoke.

Restaurant visitors looking for a place to smoke an e-cigarette will find the same no smokiong signs tobacco cigarette smokers find.

Home use of e-cigarettes is permitted by the ordinance. San Diegans can use their home to smoke e-cigarettes as long as they do not use the home as a child care business.

San Diegans caught smoking in areas smoking is prohibited will pay a 10 dolalr to 100 dollar fine.

"E-cigarettes are growing in popularity, yet the health risks associated with their use is unknown," the City Attorney's Office says. The city passed the ordinance to protect the health and safety of minors under 18.

A recent FDA lab study found tobacco impurities in a majority of sampled e-cigarettes. A known carcinogen was found in half the e-cigarettes.

City officials stay concerned about the possible health effects of second-hand vapor. The vaping juice used to make the smoke, a liquid or flavoring, can contain nicotine.

Both vapor inhalation, and holding a smoking cigarette, are prohibited in the no smoking areas in San Diego.

Vaping lounges need a police permit to keep the smoking lounges open to users in San Diego areas. The San Diego Chief of Police decides the retailers permitted to sell, and advertise, e-cigarettes, paraphernalia, and vaping juice. E-cigarette retailers given a permit by the police department may not display the smoking products near diplays selling candy, snacks, or non-alcoh9olic beverages. Signs selling e-cigarettes are not permitted within 2 feet of the displays children often buy from.

Brand name promotion is not allowed to affect a minor's choice to smoke e-cigarettes.

Sellers' permit fees will pay for the police department's costs for investigating stores to issue permits, and inspections.

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