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E-Bikes and Bike Lanes


The e-bike debate continues to evolve, as the numbers on the roads increase. As a traditional cyclist I am not ready to trade my human powered two-wheeler for an electrically assisted one.

I am not opposed to e-bikes in general, however I don't believe they belong in dedicated multi-use bike and pedestrian lanes, either on or off-road. These bikes are much heavier and faster than others, and most often are more silent. You don't hear the squeak of a chain, the rattling of loose parts, or the panting of someone getting exercise.

More often than not these e-bikes sneak up alongside between a cyclist and a vehicle, putting themselves and others in danger. As well, it seems a similar proportionate amount of e-bikers are as unaware as cyclists as to the rules of the road. Add the extra weight to this incompetence and the risk of injury is bound to increase.

On a positive note, if e-bikes perhaps eliminate a few journeys by vehicle, even if just for casual riders who are also car owners, then that's a step in the right direction. I'm all in favour for the growth of e-bikes, but think they need to remain on the road with other vehicles and motor assisted modes of transport.

Here's a recent article published by BlogTO that provides updates on the latest news surrounding the debate of where do e-bikes fit in.