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Dzokhar, the dzokh's on you!

Dzokhar and Tamarlan Tsarnaev allegedly attempted to terrorize the city of Boston. I use the term "allegedly" loosely, it looks like the case against them is tighter than the ball bearings that they loaded into a pressure cooker. Dzokhar is occasionally spelled Jahar, however, in any event the joke was on them.

The city of Boston rallied far better than the Red Sox did after the ball went through the Bill Bruckner's leg. The community of Dorchester which produced Marky Mark showed that they are far more than a funky bunch when they held a moving demonstration when one of their own, a young boy was taken. The Chinese community also lost a graduate student in the bombing, but grad students from everywhere went to her memorial service. MIT lost a police officer, but you don't have to hunt very hard to find an abundance of good will there. And speaking of the Red Sox, they certainly sent a message to Dzokhar and his ilk.

A New York state senator tweeted that the "scumbags" should be tortured. I am opposed to that. The New York Post misidentified two college kids as the "scumbags." Should the two innocents be tortured because of a mistaken ID?

No, I think Dzokhar should be given a fair trial in Federal court. That trial will be no dzoking matter.

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