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Dystopian futures never looked as good as Siya Oum’s ‘Lola XOXO’

The newest comic book series from Aspen Comics is “Lola XOXO” which features the writing and art of the series’ creator Siya Oum and follows Lola Jones’ search for her parents in a post nuclear war United States. The world is radically different and society as we know it is gone. Supply trading has replaced money as the preferred form of currency and a barbaric culture has arisen.

Aspen Comics has released a small glimpse at the gorgeous artwork of Siya Oum.
Siya Oum
Siya Oum
Be sure to contact your local comic book retailer and tell them you want "Lola XOXO."

“Lola XOXO” #1 introduces Lola the spark of the series, a precocious young woman coming of age in a world wrought with destruction. Right away Oum shows you who this character is and how she fits into the world around her. Having been raised by a protective surrogate parent she has been sheltered from much of the cruelty of the world. When her guardian, Conrad, tries to explain how harsh the world is to Lola she strikes off on her own thinking she is being held back, what she finds is the truths of the world are much worse than Conrad was trying to tell her.

For being a near post apocalyptic version of the United States, the artwork is stunning. Oum’s art is taken straight from the pencil work which gives the art an unrefined look that perfectly captures the mood and tone of this wasteland where buildings have toppled over and where gang violence is the law of the land.

The coloring for the issue is taken from cooler bland shades of tan, taupe, and olive that make up most of the world highlighting the bleakness around Lola. When brighter colors come up in the story their contrast makes them standout as special in this setting.

Given the raw and unrestrained look of the artwork, Oum is still able to instill much beauty. Not just in the look of Lola who is beautiful on her own, but through the expressions of the characters in her world. The faces of the characters convey so much of the world around them, from Lola’s exuberant happiness when she thinks she’s received a birthday present, to the turnabout when Lola finds out that was not the present for her. It is these expressions that flesh out the world and use the pictures to tell you who the characters are just by looking at them.

Lola XOXO” is a six issue miniseries that will follow Lola’s search through the broken United States for her parents. Lola narrates her own story which givens great insight into her feelings and how she takes in her surroundings. Danger is everywhere and Oum, makes sure that is evident on every page.

To make sure you get your hands on a copy of “Lola XOXO” #1 contact your local comic book retailer and tell them to “pull” the first issue of the series for you. To find your nearest comic book retailer click here to visit

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