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Dyson launches new and improved cool cooler

Dyson AM06: $299.99, AM07: $399.99, AM08: $449.99
Dyson AM06: $299.99, AM07: $399.99, AM08: $449.99
Courtesy of Dyson

As mentioned back in January, Dyson is not one to rest on the successes of its past. In addition to radically improving upon the designs of generally unremarkable things made by others, Dyson also looks within in order to find areas of improvement in its own product line, and the end result are products that keep pushing the boundary of what engineering perfection looks, sounds and performs like. This is what Dyson has done with their Next Generation of Fans.

Available as of March 6, 2014, this Next Generation of Fans, which have gone unchanged since 2009, are now up to 75% quieter. To make improvements to their already very quiet line of fans, Dyson had to re-engineer air-flow paths, add a lower-power, more efficient motor, and redesign the loop amplifier (the loop that the air comes out of) and motor bucket. Dyson, of course, did not stop there in their quest for quiet, they’ve also incorporated an Helmholtz cavity, or resonator, that helps eliminate annoying high-frequency noise. These new fans are so quiet, the Noise Abatement Society, an organization committed to improving the aural landscape for all, has awarded Dyson their Quiet Mark certification, a symbol of excellence for quiet design.

In addition to Dyson’s Next Generation of Fans being much quieter, they’ve added a full-feature remote control and sleep timer. This makes it possible to set one of ten airflow settings and auto shut-off up to nine hours out. Both of these features are likely to be very popular as the balmy Bay Area Spring turns into the long, hot days of Summer.

For more information about the new fans from Dyson, click here. Also, stay tuned for the full review coming up soon.