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Dysfunctional government: will it ever end?

A speaker-not a leader
A speaker-not a leader
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With the current congressional approval rating somewhere around 8%, it's not too difficult to understand why. People are fed up with government and have been for years now, mainly because they're inept at accomplishing almost anything. House Speaker John Boehner wants to sue President Obama because he's taking power away from congress and trying to break through on making things happen via executive action. Why? Because congress doesn't want to work with the President. That was obvious from day one, and was spoken by many including that dimwitted Senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell. He mandated that Obama become a one term President. With declarations at the outset of an administration, how on earth is progress supposed to be made? It's not, and it won't.

Despite the fact that it took America over ten years and a world war to bounce back from the Great Depression, we are now beginning to rev up the economy, but yes-it's a slow recovery. This is true because of the almost complete devastation of the housing market as well as the banking and the financial world. No quick turn-around was ever going to happen after that because the middle class and the poor lost so much. Throw in an ever increasing global marketplace, and recoveries are simply not going to be the same: it's a different world. In the end, the right-wing Republicans wanted no part in helping this government's economy bounce back because their mantra is always the same: no taxes or regulations. That recipe for disaster is what helped us get in the mess in the first place.Obama and the Democrats were on their own getting this country moving again.

To make matters worse, a Supreme Court now with a conservative majority, has made bizarre contributions to our chaos by concluding that corporations are like people, and can therefore throw unlimited amounts of money into political races. This combined with a state's ability to gerrymander congressional districts has the ultimate effect of repeating the same mistakes of the past: a constant flow of too much money, and the same hard core politicians who don't care about progress for the country, but only to see they get reelected. Our government is not only dysfunctional- it's broken.

We need to somehow find a way out of this mess.It will take the American people to decide they have had enough and demand progress. This will mean appointing non-biased commissions in states to decide what districts are created that make sense, not on "creatively" placing areas into districts based on electing the same mentality of people over and over again. The money aspect of politics demands change, and it may take a more savvy congress to somehow override what the Supreme Court screwed up. Elections have consequences and this court is the obvious outcome of having too many right-wingers in power.

This country can move ahead, or simply stay in place or move backwards. We need to keep moving on finding serious alternative fuels. Just because we now are developing our own fuel supplies by discovering more oil, it is having a potentially dangerous side effect: fracking is doing something to our nation as some states are experiencing more earthquakes. There's an obvious cause and effect here.

Our economy and creating jobs will take some effort because we're limited as to what we can do in this area. Yes-tax breaks can help, but it's not the total answer since job growth under the last Republican administration was not that good, and Bush did nothing except create more tax breaks. Trickle-down economics is a myth. We also need to quit shooting ourselves in the foot when common sense should rule. We need to once and for all seek an answer to prison reform. Everyone knows our system is more than broken when we lock up more people that Russia or China. That fact alone should embarrass us into action-but the right-wingers don't want to give Obama any wins on his watch-so they don't engage the opposition in resolving obvious mistakes. We would still be locking up more people for simply smoking marijuana if we didn't allow states to decide on their own how to handle this product: now the states will make money on what people are doing anyway. Immigration reform probably won't happen because these days, right-wingers don't want to change the status quo.Even the simplest events of the past have become painful and last minute cliffhangers because the Republicans won't compromise: the national highway trust fund was running out of money. A last minute deal happened, but again-it was last minute and only runs until next May. These last minute-dramatic resolutions are not good for business nor the economy Again, all these one-time non events are now cliffhangers because the right-wingers control the Republican Party and are out to destroy a Democratic President rather than do what's good for the majority of all Americans.

As I've written in the past, listen to any right-wing talk show and you'll hear why government progression has ground to a halt. These people have been manipulated to think in simple black and white terms because intelligent conversation about ideas is beyond their pay grade. Any group of people who would even think of electing Sarah Palin to anything outside of high school class president are too ignorant to grasp policy debates. Recent polling shows of any politician-the one they don't want to hear from anymore is...Sarah Palin. It takes awhile but even the most backward types sometimes have an epiphany and realize the truth.We can pray more people see the light over coming months and years, but I don't see it happening.Cable TV's 24/7 schedule and the internet leads to more voices and ideas, but in the end, not more conventional common sense. What's truly bizarre is that the more information sources created doesn't seem to equal more people opening their minds to alternative ideas that make sense. I live in Florida, and global warming is affecting beaches around the state, yet Senator Marco Rubio doesn't buy it. The future mandates coastal states better plan ahead or they will be screwed. Rubio doesn't care about the long run because his future lies in being elected in the near future. He even pulled back from his immigration reform plan because the right-wingers don't like anything they perceive as amnesty. For whatever reason they don't get the fact that illegal aliens are not going to be deported. Rubio is a fool and a coward with no foresight.

The only real hope for America is probably the next few generations. Hopefully they won't be so polarized in their thinking. America has succeeded because of people, despite their differences, working together and compromising. Reagan did raise taxes and he worked with Democrats. Today's right-wingers either don't read even recent history or have decided not to pay attention to the facts-or both. A new mindset and open-mindedness to our problems must happen before we allow certain ingrained problems to worsen. I doubt I'll see much progress, but let's hope future generations see the light and restore the glimmer of America.

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