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Dylan’s patriotic TV ad, summer tour update, Pete Seeger and me


Dylan for Chrysler

Two Bob Dylan related ads aired during the ‘Big Game” earlier today. One was for a humorous commercial featuring a giant bear trying to buy Chobani yogurt. Dylan’s original 1966 recording of “I Want You” can be heard in the background.

The other, for Chrysler, is the one everyone is weighing in on, so I will keep it brief here. Dylan narrates, and appears in, the commercial, along with his 2000 recording of “Things Have Changed” and some random guitar strumming. Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, and other iconic American images and figures can also be seen, including Dylan himself.

The two minute ad is patriotic, with Dylan extolling the virtues of America, focusing on Detroit in general, rather than the brand he was hired to promote. You can view the ad in the embedded clip above.


Bob Dylan is reportedly touring Europe from approximately June 19 to July 17, give or take a few days here and there, according to the Desolation Row Information Service. Tour dates are expected to be announced very soon. Apparently, rumored Dylan shows in Croatia and at the Lucca Festival will not be happening,

In addition, two concerts - April 9 and 10 at the Zepp Diver City Tokyo - have reportedly been added to the previously announced tour of Japan.


Much has been written since activist and folk music icon Pete Seeger died last week at the age of 94. I met him briefly after a gig with Arlo Guthrie and Shenandoah at Boston’s Hynes Auditorium in the summer or 1978. I was walking around the area after the show with my sister, and saw a crowd gathered outside the front of the venue. Seeger was talking to fans, and we shared a few words. All I can say is he was exactly the same offstage as on, more concerned with political issues than accolades, and was completely without pretense.

Here are links to some articles about Pete Seeger from 2011:

Bob Dylan birthday countdown, No. 37 - Pete Seeger, 92 years young today

Billy Faier interview (part three) on Pete Seeger: '"Do you know that guy?" Jackson asked me, still in awe at Pete's recorder playing. "Sure," I replied. "That's Pete Seeger." "That's PETE SEEGER," shouted Jackson. "My God, I had no idea a Stalinist could be so nice." Pete roared in pleasure when I related this story to him months later.

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