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Dylan McDermott's mother's murder solved 45 years later hopefully brings closure

Dylan McDermott
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The death of a parent is a terrible experience, especially when the children are young and impressionable. It makes matters worse when the death of that parent was ruled an accidental death. Now imagine 45 years later you discover that death was actually a murder. This creates an enormous amount of relief and closure for the children – who are now adults. This is what happened for Dylan McDermott and his sister Robin Herrera.

According to a report from the Daily News published Monday, McDermott and Herrera hopefully got a small amount of closure when it was reported that Diane McDermott (their mother) was killed in 1967 by her then boyfriend John Sponza (who had gangster ties). But it can also open up new wounds that people are not ready to face. Dylan McDermott requested the case be reopened when he had questions that could not be answered. Questions he must have been ready to receive answers from.

The evidence 45 years later would be enough to charge Sponza with murder and possibly tie him to at least two other unsolved homicides but unfortunately, he was shot and killed in 1972. One of the questions many people involved in the case had was regarding Sponza’s statement that he “very rarely, if ever had arguments” but that is not how everyone else remembered it, including McDermott who at five years old recalled “violent, vicious arguments vividly”. According to the report he also remembered Sponza flashing his gun, pointing it at the kids. This would traumatize even the strongest child.

This new investigation and discovery has hopefully given closure to many people, including the families of the two other unsolved murders that appear to be connected to Sponza. Dylan McDermott has not made a statement but his sister Robin Herrera has. “I’m happy to know my mother wasn’t mentally ill or depressed. Somebody took her from us; she didn’t leave us.”

That statement says a lot about the feelings she has been carrying with her for 45 years. It proves once again that asking questions, facing fears, and uncovering past secrets around traumatic events in one’s life can have an amazingly healthy impact. All the best is sent to these families in their time of healing. Feel free to leave a comment below.

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