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‘Dying Light’ won’t be out on Xbox One and PS4 until 2015

Dying Light
Dying Light
Photo courtesy of Techland, used with permission

Techland’s upcoming zombie title, Dying Light, has been officially delayed until early 2015 on all platforms. The developer revealed that pushing the date back to next February will allow them to have extra time to focus on quality in order to deliver the best product possible as reported by Joystiq on May 8.

Also responsible for last-generation’s Dead Island games, Techland is already well-versed in zombie gaming. Many of the themes from their previous undead titles will be expanded upon in Dying Light such as the ability to craft advanced weapons using spare parts that are found throughout the environment. However, Dying Light will focus much more on the game’s new free running mechanics as well as the dangers of time management which are presented in a day and night cycle that will drastically change the behavior of the dead depending on either the presence, or absence, of the sun.

During the day, zombies will be less dangerous, making it possible for players to search the map for supplies and survivors. At night, however, things get flipped. Rather than the active dead that are seen in the daytime, zombies become more still. This gives gamers the opportunity to attempt to use stealth to navigate the city. Once eventually spotted though, the undead will swarm the player in proper horde fashion, making it much harder to safely explore at night.

One thing that will help players survive in Dying Light is the game’s parkour based free running mechanics. This will allow gamers to climb and vault throughout the zombie-infested city. Having various options for how to get from one point to another will help players deal with the scores of the undead that may be in their path.

Dying Light is now scheduled to release in February of 2015 on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3. In addition to providing games with an action-themed horror experience, Dying Light will also feature RPG elements such as level progressions and skill trees.