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'Dying Light' will give unprecedented, genre-changing freedom to player movement

Excited for some 'Dying Light'?
Excited for some 'Dying Light'?
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

Dying Light was first unveiled last year around the time of E3 2013, and as we near E3 2014 we are eagerly awaiting the release of Techland's newest zombie filled creation.

In the open-world genre, freedom is the name of the game for players and Tymon Smektala, who is a producer on Dying Light, talked about how exactly players will be given a never-before-seen amount of freedom, and how committed Techland is to the project.

"In Dying Light you can move with freedom that’s unprecedented in FPS games, you can participate in brutal, weighty melee combat, and I really think that these features will leave a mark on the first person genre.

"As all game developers do, we work on our baby 24/7, with uncurbed enthusiasm, constantly improving every little thing. Our ultimate goal is to create an experience that will immerse players in our game world, and we’re on a right path to deliver just that. I hope players will see that next time we show Dying Light," Smektala said.

The nature of an open-world game is to provide more freedom to players, so naturally we expect that to be given, but Techland sure seems confident in Dying Light's ability to allow players to move all over Hiran (Dying Light's fictional city).

"Next time we show Dying Light"? Wonder when exactly that will be. Perhaps, it could be E3 2014 in a few months or it could be sooner.

While we do not have a release date for Dying Light, it should be releasing sometime this year onto the Xbox One, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. For all of our latest exclusives, previews, reviews and features, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Game On.

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