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‘Dying Light’ will feature ‘extremely serious’ scenes and themes

Dying Light
Dying Light

Techland’s upcoming first-person survival game, Dying Light, will drop gamers in the middle of a zombie-infested city where they must traverse an open world teeming with the undead in an effort to scavenge supplies and weapons. To navigate the in-game city of Harran, Dying Light features free run mechanics that allow players to sprint, climb, and jump through the various obstacles throughout the landscape.

However, more planning went into creating the game’s city besides simply building an open world ripe for exploration and zombie combat. Speaking to Examiner in an exclusive interview, Techland Producer Tymon Smektala revealed how the fictional city of Harran provided just the right setting for an undead outbreak.

Examiner: Why was Istanbul the place that inspired the city of Harran versus other cities? What sorts of characteristics of Harran differ from Istanbul itself, if any?

Smektala: All of the areas you’ll see in the game were inspired by many real world locations, including but not limited to Istanbul. But you’re right - Istanbul was one of the main sources of inspiration for our art team. This Turkish metropolis is a unique city on a global scale: it links Europe and Asia and connects West and East making it a perfect fit for a game about the fall of civilization. But, because of some of the themes we touch upon in our game, we had to place it in a fictional location – some of the things we talk about and some of the scenes we show are extremely serious, so it’s better to think that they’re happening in a place which is not real.

Examiner: Will the world be completely open and free to roam from the start?

Smektala: Dying Light is a multi-region world game which means that you’re free to explore some very huge – humongous even – maps, but there will be some loading screen between them.

Dying Light is set to launch later this year. The game will force players to change their strategy depending on the time of day. While the sun is out, the city can be scavenged for supplies. Once night falls, however, focus will switch more towards immediate survival as the undead danger grows alongside their numbers.

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