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Dying Light will definitely have you running for your life.

Dying Light
Single Player – Free Running
WB Games

Dying Light will definitely have you running for your life.
Dying Light will definitely have you running for your life.
Dyling Light, Good Night Good Luck

Hello fellow Gamers, Welcome to Dying Light. This game is set after a horrific infection has taken place turning a great portion of the world into zombies. During the day, the brave venture out into the world to save others, set traps and search for supplies. At night, the table’s turn your only goal now is to find safety and survive till sunrise.
Dying Light is a free running platformer that allows you to interact with almost every part of the environment. You carry a variety of modified weapons to help you on your search but realistically your best bet is to run and avoid the infected populace. During the day, you’ll encounter a number of infected zombies wither in hordes or mindlessly wandering around. The smaller groups don’t pose so much of a threat but you can be quickly outnumbered by an approaching mass. Some of the other enemies will be freshly infected, those who are turning right in front of your eyes, and other humans struggling to survive and won’t hesitate to kill you at the drop of a hat.
Dying Light forces you to make some extreme decisions while constantly reminding you that you do not want to be on the street when the sun goes down. There are instances where if you decide to save the life of another they will slow you down from achieving your other mission of bringing back food or even just making it to safety. After sunset is when Dying Light officially earn its name. Once the sun light fades you will notice that your enemy is no longer just shuffling about. They are actively searching for you and if the detect you they will pursue you. They will be greatly stronger, faster and more agile than they were in the light making even a one on one fight a bad idea.
This game is guaranteed to have you praying for sunlight. Stay Tuned for more on Dying Light coming to all consoles in 2014. Good Night, Good Luck