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‘Dying Light’s’ side activities, missions and randomized events discussed

Dying Light
Dying Light

While Dying Light will offer a main storyline, don’t expect that Techland’s zombie-filled title won’t give players plenty of additional activities to undertake. In fact, in an exclusive interview with Examiner, Techland Producer Tymon Smektala confirmed that the game will offer plenty of side missions along with special dynamic encounters that will be completely optional.

Additionally, Smektala confirmed what Techland believes a game must include in order to be considered to have an open world game.

Examiner: With the freedom of the open-world, what types of side activities or missions will players be able to engage in?

Smektala: Well, there’s a whole story which you can focus on, but because we strongly believe that “gameplay comes first” there are lots of diversions you can participate in. So, there are side quests – more than a hundred of them – which allow you to get a better sense of the game world we’ve created. Then there are dynamic encounters – randomized events that you’re free to participate in if you feel like you want to. Most of these allow you to help other survivors, and if you decide to do so your reputation in the quarantine zone will rise, opening way to some quests and smaller benefits, like better prices in the shops. Then there are the challenges – “arcade” missions which require you to go from point A to B in set amount of time etc.

Examiner: When it came to making Dying Light open-world, what were some of the pillars you knew the game had to have for it to feel truly open?

Smektala: To make the world feel truly open you have to have a huge world which doesn’t limit the player’s will to explore and lots of activities you can do besides following the main story. We certainly achieved that in Dying Light.

Dying Light will place fans inside a large, explorable open city when it releases on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 later this year. However, scavenging the world for supplies won’t be players only concern as the game takes place after a zombie outbreak has been unleashed. While the day will be used to explore, nighttime brings about an entirely new set of survival concerns as the undead grow in number after the sun sets.

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