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‘Dying Light’s’ RPG progression system explained

Dying Light
Dying Light

Judging from early gameplay footage of Dying Light, it’s clear that Techland’s next zombie title will be full of action as player free run across rooftops while combating the undead in the first-person game. However, the game will also feature a number of systems normally found in RPG games under its hood in order to provide players more depth and a sense of progression.

Speaking to Examiner in an exclusive interview, Techland Producer Tymon Smektala admitted that it was important to the developer to let players build their character however they wanted in order to compliment the freedom the game provides through its open world exploration.

Examiner: In your mind, why does an RPG system compliment an open-world game so well?

Smektala: RPG systems complement open world games so well because when they’re done right they give you freedom to create any character you want – so it supports the general feeling of freedom that the open world games are aiming for.

Examiner: What sorts of options and choices will players have with the RPG progression system?

Smektala: With our RPG progression system players will be choosing active skills, actual things they can do in the game world, be it very powerful attacks, clearing the whole area around them or abilities which allow them to get an almost supernatural awareness of the environment. With these skills they can specialize in one way of playing the game – e.g. focus on fighting – but they free to mix’n’match skills of different type if that better suits their style. In addition to that, they will also be able to choose perks - in our game these are more passive, boosting certain activities (e.g. perks that make you move more quietly). When you finish the game for the first time, it's very probable that your character will be vastly different from your friends' characters.

Dying Light will introduce gamers to the fictional city of Harran which has become overrun after an undead outbreak when it releases later this year. Players will explore the game’s open world environments as they search for supplies while fighting zombies and even other survivors.

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