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Dying Light's game designer: The game's challenges 'will change you as a person'

Ready for 'Dying Light'?
Ready for 'Dying Light'?
Permission to use photo given by Warner Bros.

It's been almost a year now that Dying Light was introduced to the gaming world, and while we still do not have an exact release date for the open-world title, we have some interesting new details to share about Dying Light's ambition and challenges. If a game can make you think twice about the decisions your making or how you are interpreting events happening in front of you, then you are probably be caught in the midst of a great story.

That is what Techland is working hard to achieve when it comes to Dying Light. It's not just an open-world, but they want the story Dying Light will feature to do more than just be a structural necessity. Dying Light game designer Maciej Binkowski talked about the potential they believe Dying Light has from a story standpoint, as well as how the challenges in the game will change the player.

"We still believe that there's a lot of stuff that still can be done in this topic. A lot of cool stories to be told. A lot of cool gameplay elements to discover. So we felt like there was a lot of things we can bring in so that's what we did.

"We'd like the player to experience an adventure of going from this very simple person and becoming something better in the process, when all the challenges that the world will throw at you will definitely change you as a person," Binkowski said.

Player progression and gradually changing their thoughts throughout the game is a valiant goal to want to achieve, but it's another thing to successfully implement it into a game. Taking an idea or concept from paper to a game isn't always the easiest of tasks. Dying Light has some impressive ambition and some big ideas.

While there seems to be a lot of promise for this game, there is still plenty more to find out about it. Dying Light has yet to receive a release date, but we know it will be launching on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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