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‘Dying Light’ producer: We take the cross-gen period ‘as an opportunity’

Dying Light
Dying Light

Like many titles released on the Xbox One and PS4, Dying Light will be cross-generational as upcoming zombie game will also be releasing on the Xbox 360 and PS3. However, speaking to Techland Producer Tymon Smektala in an exclusive interview with Examiner, the developer revealed that gamers can expect to experience a game capable of boosting higher resolution with improved frame rates on next-gen platforms. At the same time, Techland believes that versions of the game that appear on the previous generation of consoles will be able to keep up with their Xbox One, PS4, and PC counterparts thanks to the use of the game’s new engine.

Examiner: What are some challenges associated with the developing of a cross-generation game? How do the Xbox 360 and PS3 hold back Dying Light's potential on Xbox One and PS4?

Smektala: We planned our production having in mind that Dying Light will hit the transitional period for the whole industry, so we planned the full process accordingly. We decided early on that we’d have to invent gameplay mechanics which are fresh and original, yet achievable on both past-generation and next-gen systems, and that we need to have an engine that supports and adapts to all systems. We strongly believe that the freedom of Natural Movement offers a real next-gen experience even on PS3 & X360, but we also know that our technology takes the graphical spoils of the new toys to the maximum. In other words, we could take the cross-generational period as a burden, but we looked at it as an opportunity, to challenge ourselves both in terms of gameplay and technological design.

When Dying Light launches later this year on both next-gen platforms as well as their predecessors, Techland wants owners of any version of the game to be able to enjoy a similar experience. Rather than creating a less powerful game so that the Xbox 360 and PS3 can handle it, the developer is instead focusing on pushing the limits of the previous systems. Those looking a truly next-gen experience, however, can rest assured that they find bonus features exclusively on Xbox One, PS4, and PC such as voice recognition and touchpad support in addition to improved graphics that’s to higher resolutions and faster frame rates.

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