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Dying Light plays like a 'traditional zombie game' at nighttime, says Techland

What do you want to know most about Dying Light?
What do you want to know most about Dying Light?
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

We've heard quite a bit about Dying Light lately and for us, we can't wait to get our hands-on this one, but one thing we haven't heard too much about is how the nighttime gameplay experience will differ from what we see during the daytime.

Recently, Tymon Smektala, who is a producer on Dying Light, talked about the differences players will find when they play at night, and said nighttime gameplay makes Dying Light seem like two games in one.

"Oooooh, it’s much, much different. During the day, the game is a kind of an experience that you could call a 'traditional zombie game'. You traverse the environment, you scavenge for supplies, the infected are dangerous, but they’re rather slow and not that intelligent.

"At night, though, the real monsters come out – they are smart, fast, agile, and extremely lethal. So within a short period of time you go from being a hunter to being a prey.

"The good thing is that both these roles are equally satisfying for the player, even though they’re so different that you can say we have '2 games in 1'. To some extent it’s true, we do give our fans lots of value, but we’ve managed to tie these two gameplay experiences together into a coherent whole," Smektala said.

It sounds like there will be different enemy types at nighttime that we do not see or combat during the daytime.

Another question we have is whether or not there will be a fast-forward time feature we regularly see in open-world games, but it's entirely possible that playing through nighttime will be a mandatory thing for players to do.

While we haven't heard an official launch date for Dying Light, we are expecting the game to debut sometime during the summer.

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