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‘Dying Light’ on Xbox One & PS4 to use ‘voice recognition and touchpad’ features

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Both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 present technology which allows players alternative methods to control their games. The most widely recognized sources of these supplemental are Microsoft’s Kinect and the DualShock 4’s touchpad, both of which Techland plans to utilize within the next-gen versions of their upcoming zombie title, Dying Light.

In an exclusive interview with Examiner, Techland Producers Tymon Smektala revealed that the use of voice recognition will be exclusive to next-gen versions of the game. Since the game will be released across two generations of consoles, Techland wants to create a similar experience on all versions of the game. However, the extra power provided with newer platforms allows the Xbox One and PS4 versions of Dying Light to be capable of packing a few extra features.

Examiner: What have been the biggest differences you've noticed when it comes to developing on Xbox One and PS4 versus previous systems? Have those systems allowed the team to develop Dying Light with more efficiency and speed than past generation systems have?

Smektala: We’re a cross-generational game so we had to be wary of the limitations of X360 & PS3. Thankfully we’ve came prepared – our newest Chrome Engine 6 technology is able to optimize the game for past-generation platforms while maintaining the next-level graphical sheen of the next-gen. Of course, the new consoles have a tremendous advantage of power over their predecessors, and it would be a sin not to use it. Dying Light on PC, PS4 & Xbox One will boast much higher resolution and frame rate, as well as greater graphical fidelity. We also plan to use some unique next-gen features – voice recognition, touchpad, etc. – to make the game even more attractive on new platforms.

Dying Light will place gamers in the middle of a city besieged by an undead outbreak when the title releases on Xbox One, PS4, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 later this year. Techland’s next zombie game features first-person gameplay as fans will traverse an open city in search of supplies. To navigate the world around them, gamers will be able to free run through the fictional city of Harran. This means that players won’t only be restricted to the streets since they will be able to freely climb obstacles, jump across buildings, and smash through interiors.

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