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Dying Light - Looking to be the King of Survival Horror in 2015

Dying Light
Dying Light

I know that we are not even halfway through the year to be talking about games being released in 2015 but Dying Light is a worth a mention at least to put in the back of your mind. Action Survival Horror games such as Resident Evil and Dead Island have been great successes and are unique in their own rights. While Resident Evil can be somewhat linear in game play from time to time, Dead Island had more weapon customization options but still didn't feel like a wide open game.

Dying Light looks to cover both having a truly wide open world and customization option for weapons and other things setting the bar for games in the same genre. Like most action survival horror games infection has broken out turning those that are unfortunate to catch it turn into monsters and not your stereotypical "zombie".

Strategy seems to be focused on the day and night cycle within the world. During the day the danger is less of a concern because the infected are less aggressive. During this time you would forage and scavenge for food and objects so that you can craft items to defend yourself against the more dangerous terrors of the night. Night will fall upon you and then I am pretty sure all hell is going to break loose as the monsters come out play and feed on unsuspecting survivors of this new world.

From the screenshots and videos I have seen around the web it looks like a beautiful game and will definitely be keeping tabs on the development of this very promising title.

Sweet dreams.

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