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'Dying Light' gets new Dev Diary showing off natural motion of characters

Dying Light might not be coming out until sometime next year but its developer, Techland released a new Dev Diary on Friday designed to show off the natural movement in the game. For the uninitiated, Dying Light is an open world Zombie game where you play as a lone survivor who is simply trying to survive after a zombie apocalypse.

Dying Light Dev Diary
Photo courtesy Techland

The name Dying Light comes from the fact that this world actually has different periods of time and when it turns to night, you are going to find yourself in quite a bit more danger. That doesn’t mean you won’t be in danger during the day in Dying Light, you’ll just be able to see the danger better.

Techland put out this video to show how the team has given the player a number of different ways to get around, over and through the dangers inherent in Dying Light. As Maciej Binkowski, the lead game designer put it, “in our game, you can find a balcony to sneak above their heads, or you can jump over one of the zombies and push forward, or you can trip one zombie up, grab another and throw it out of the window.”

Binkowski added the game’s freedom of movement, along with lots of active combat skills lets the players get through every single situation in many different ways. The developers also point out that the day/night cycle in Dying Light means there are two games in one. Exploration is really the name of the game during the day, but the night time is all about surviving.

Techland has even said the zombies in Dying Light actually transform into something a little more powerful and faster at night. This means you are going to have to approach situations quite a bit differently than you would in the day. The natural movement will also allow you to more easily change your approach in Dying Light depending on how you play.

Bartosz Kulon, one of the game’s programmers claims that player who stick with the game for 5 or 6 hours will see so much difference in the movements of Dying Light they won’t want to go back to other games.

Binkowski added the choices you make in the game will be dictated by your own playing style. The video does an admirable job of trying to show off the different choices that can be made and certainly could wet gamers’ appetites for when Dying Light is finally released.

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