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‘Dying Light’ gameplay will take advantage of PS4 and Xbox One sharing options

Dying Light
Dying Light

As an open world title that will feature dynamic random events alongside a scripted storyline, Techland thinks that Dying Light will offer gamers several unique experiences while playing the upcoming zombie title. As such, Techland Producer Tymon Smektala revealed in an exclusive interview with Examiner that it’s for this very reason that the sharing options of the Xbox One and PS4 will fit in perfectly with Dying Light in order for players to easily capture key in-game moments.

Examiner: What are one or two water cooler moments you think players will be talking about after playing Dying Light?

Smektala: That’s easy. You’ll surely remember your first successful escape during the night – especially if you use one of the gadgets you crafted yourself or one of the environmental traps we’ll leave for you in the game world. And the second one… There are a few locations in our game (right now I’m picturing my favorite one) which really makes you go “ohhhh…..” when you see it for the first time. But there are plenty of water cooler moments, and what’s cool about it is that they’re not scripted – Dying Light gameplay is very emergent, so we’re really thankful to the next-gen console manufacturers for promoting the game sharing options.

Dying Light launches later this year on PS4, Xbox One, PC, PS3, and Xbox 360. However, players need to pick up the game on next-gen systems if they want to be able to use built-in game sharing options. Techland’s next zombie game will utilize different mechanics depending on the time of day. In the relative safety of the sun, players can explore the open city for supplies, but the game focuses on avoiding the dead and survival after nightfall populates the streets with a larger number of undead.

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