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Dyeing wool

"Dyeing Wool" by Karen Schellinger shows you 20 techniques for beginners to advanced dyers. The book is geared towards dyeing material for rug hooking. This is an oversized hard covered "art" book loaded with photographs on every page. With its 250+ pages of pictures and information, you are on your way to dyeing wool.

Karen Schillinger
Karen Schellinger

Many of the methods shown for wool fabric, with a bit of adjustments, can be used on wool yarn and unspun fiber. Caution; vigorous agitation, extreme temperature fluctuation on yarn, roving and fleece will felt your fiber. The book concentrates on using 'Pro Wash Fast Acid Dyes'.

It starts with color theory, materials, safety features you should practice, Q and A and then moves on to spot dyeing, casserole, painting, floating, overlay, shibori...techniques. The methods are shown step by step, written and photographed for ease of following the instructions.

If you have ever taken a class with Karen, the notes she hands out are the very make-up of this book. With Karens guidance, she will show you how you can learn to dye by eye. The color you want to use is now at your fingertips to create.