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Dyeing fiber naturally

Dagmar Klos has two new DVDs, "Natural Dyeing" and Overdyeing with Natural Dyes" each 60 minutes in length. If you are new to fiber dyeing, you will find there is a lot of information you can grasp from what Dagmar has to say as well as how she accomplishes it.

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F+W media/Interweave
Dagmar Klos
F+W media/Interweave

She explains how to set up your natural dyeing studio and gives all important safety tips for natural dyeing. You will learn about the use of mordants as well as modifers. Other than the marigolds, the natural dyes all need to be purchased (cochineal, osage orange, madder, indigo). In "Natural Dyeing" you will learn how to achieve the primary colors; yellow, blue and red.

In overdyeing you get shades of secondary colors; greens, purples and oranges. You will be shown how to achieve this by overdying yellow, red and blue yarn to get the full spectrum of colors. The yarn that surrounded the color wheel (in the video) should have been flipped over, so the colors corresponded.

First timers who want to get a feel for dyeing before they proceed will get the basics. Hopefully it will inspire you to see what is growing in your own backyard and experiment. Maybe even dye the yarn you have just spun.