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DWTS recap for April 28, 2014: The Latin episode

DWTS guest judge Ricky Martin
Photo by Ethan Miller

Ricky Martin appeared as the guest judge and musical talent for the evening. Martin opened the show-showing off a little of his footwork-with his song “We Are One.”

Unfortunately, you can tell dancers are getting tired as the season progresses due to the injuries. Danica fractured a rib this week during rehearsal and Amy injured her back during her Rumba performance with Derek.

Tonight also included two team dances. “Team Vida” (Nene, Charlie and James) vs “Team Loca” (Meryl, Candace and Danica) took to the floor in freestyle Latin choreography. (Note: The team scores were added to the individual scores for their final points of the evening.)

The Scores

  1. Meryl and Maks (Salsa) – 78
  2. Amy and Derek (Rumba) – 75
  3. Candace and Mark (Tango) – 74
  4. Danica and Val (Salsa) – 72
  5. Charlie and Sharna (Paso Doble) – 71
  6. James and Peta (Samba) – 70
  7. Nene and Tony (Tango) – 66
  1. Team Loca – 39
  2. Team Vida – 35

The Highlights

Danica’s dancing in the Salsa was a little safe due to the broken rib but it was still quite entertaining. The consummate actress never gave a hint that she was still in pain as she worked her hips and even performed a split. Val's choreography is always quite good but the accompanying dancers and neon costume seemed to take it up a notch.

Charlie really wanted to see some 10s this week and the Paso Doble seemed like a perfect dance to do so for an ice skater. Overall, Charlie’s attack was very enthusiastic although hitting the sharp, still positions tended to be a little sloppy because he was not able to find a balance between the two qualities of movement. However, from a purely aesthetic point of view, it was a great dance to watch with just the right amount of tension between Charlie and Sharna. The audience absolutely loved this one and Charlie is still a strong contender and partner.

During rehearsal week Mark took Candace to a Sports Psychologist hoping to help her not feel like she needs to hold back in front of the camera. Obviously, it worked because the Tango was just the right contrast of quick and slow, sustained movement. Candace is quite the athlete and it is gratifying to watch her developing grace on the dance floor from week to week.

Unsurprisingly, Meryl took to the Salsa like a skater to ice. She looked like some mixture of a Latin music artist making a video (which might have been due to the hair reminiscent of Gloria Estefan circa 1988) and a more sultry Sandy from Grease dancing with an entourage behind her. The dance was great fun and definitely one of the crowd-pleasers of the evening.

Both Team Vida and Team Loca were dynamic and excellently constructed dances. Albeit, Team Loca seemed a little more cohesive, both performances were great for television and the studio audience who showed overwhelming approval.

Nene, Charlie and James were the bottom three this week after having all, ironically, danced on the same team. It was Nene who was sent home at the end of the night leaving James and Charlie to dance another week.

Albuquerque viewers can watch DWTS on KOAT 7 (ABC) Monday nights at 7 p.m. (MST). Tune in again next Monday for another week of intense competition!

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