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‘DWTS 2014’: Meryl Davis reveals how Maksim Chmerkovskiy influences her

Meryl Davis found her voice on Dancing With the Stars
Meryl Davis found her voice on Dancing With the Stars
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

The fans of “Dancing With the Stars” still have to decide who will win the competition and it is going to be tough. The “Dancing With the Stars” season finale has each of the four couple being closely eyed as they compete for the mirror ball trophy. Apparently one couple is finding their relationship to be something more than just dancing before the cameras. According to People Magazine on Sunday, Meryl Davis is being heavily influenced by her professional dance partner.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is a known bad boy, but this season he is paired with Meryl Davis and his mentality of winning and perfection has stood out. In fact fans would be surprised if the couple didn’t come in first as they were so good on the ballroom. Yet, Maks is doing more. Meryl Davis revealed he is really pushing her to be herself.

"He pushes me to stand up for myself, whether it's in real life or on the dance floor,” Meryl Davis told People Magazine on Sunday. The couple really has been strong both on and off the camera.

Coming into the competition, Meryl Davis was known as Charlie White’s partner for the Olympics. Referenced as a couple, the two didn’t have individual identities and many people thought Meryl was Charlie’s girlfriend. After the time on the dance floor, viewers vaguely remember Charlie and they hear Meryl very well. Taking time to make her voice heard, she stands next to Maks and really does shine.

Offering up more camera time than other couples, Maksim Chmerkovskiy has given Meryl Davis some enticing moves and shared her amazing athletic ability with the world. It’s helped her to have a partner who isn't afraid to take risks in the ballroom and who will speak his mind.

If Meryl Davis really does win “Dancing With the Stars” she has Maksim Chmerkovskiy to thanks. Not just for the dance moves that appear to be complex (and beautiful,) but for helping her find her confidence. She leaves the show with an unwavering celebrity attitude that will help her achieve anything she would like in life.

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