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‘DWTS’ 2014: Candace Cameron Bure’s conservative views frustrates Mark Ballas

Candace Cameron Bure stirs up controversy on Dancing with the Stars.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

On Monday night’s “Dancing with the Stars,” Mark Ballas and his celebrity partner Candace Cameron Bure danced the rumba, which earned them three sevens from the judges. However, it didn't come without a bit of disagreement between the dancers. The former “Full House” star is a Christian and she is not afraid to speak out about it. However, her partner may indeed have a problem with her conservative views. As reported by E! News on March 25, Ballas even compared her to his former “DWTS” partner, Bristol Palin.

Cameron Bure had a problem with the pro dancer being shirtless for their alluring routine. As they were meeting with the costume people shown during the behind the scenes video, Ballas is heard saying that she is worse than Bristol Palin was, and he thought she was bad. This statement says a lot on how frustrated he feels on being partnered up with conservative females that may have a problem with being too sexy on the reality show.

The mom-of-three says that she is trying to balance her conservative views with trying to make the dances appealing to the judges and the viewers. Ballas is trying to work with her to come up with the balance that she is looking for. It might not be easy for the pro dancer to improvise their routines, but he seems to be trying. Although, this season might have him keeping his shirt on the whole time.

"You know, I feel like a sexual woman...I've been married for 18 years," Cameron Bure said on “DWTS” on Monday night. "I am a sexual woman. But, you know, I want to reserve certain things for my husband. So we did, I think, the best that we could with the rumba that I still felt comfortable doing."

The couple danced the rumba to the emotional tune, “Say Something,” on Monday and they seemed to have pulled it off. Even though the three judges agreed that it was more of a loose rumba, Cameron Bure seemed to be happy with the performance.

The 37-year-old wife and mother told Ballas when they first met that she won’t be ‘the sexy girl’ on the show. There are lines that she won’t cross, like baring too much of her skin or doing sexy moves with a shirtless partner. She said that certain things are reserved for her husband. She is putting her faith and family first. Both she and her famous brother, Kirk Cameron, are known for following their Christian faith. However, it always seems to come with some controversy when they speak out. Just recently, Cameron Bure had to explain what she meant about being submissive to her husband that she wrote about in her new book, "Balancing It All."

Ballas may be frustrated with his partner’s Christian views, but with the new switch up that is expected to shake things up, the pair may not be dancing together much longer anyway.

Is the comparison between Ballas’ former dance partner and his current one understandable? Well, he might want to consider that Cameron Bure has been married for 18 years, while Palin was single. That might make a difference in how the two conservative women view things.

What do you think of the pairing between Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas?

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