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Dwight Hicks - the heart of a winner

Dwight Hicks
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Few people will ever even dream of doing half of the amazing things Dwight Hicks has accomplished in his life. First it was a stellar football career at a preeminent university, the University of Michigan where Dwight Hicks received All-Big Ten Conference Honors twice, All American Honors once and gained national attention for outstanding personal performances in the Orange Bowl and back to back Rose Bowl appearances. You would think a career like that would be an instant ticket to the NFL but it wasn’t that simple. Dwight Hicks was cut by two NFL teams before going to the Canadian Football League for a season. Was he disappointed? Yes. But Dwight Hicks learned early in his life that when you have a dream you simply never back down – ever. Due to the unstoppable combination of his immense talent combined with his champion attitude of no surrender Dwight Hicks found himself with the San Francisco 49’ers as a free safety which led him to four Pro Bowl appearances, two Super Bowls and selection into to coveted San Francisco Chronicle “49’ers All Time Team” roster.

But somewhere along his path of athletic mega success another thought began tingling within him. He remembered a very long time back when he was a very young child, maybe just 5 or 6 years old and he felt compelled to draw a star on a wall near his bedroom. He recalls that his attempts to blame his siblings resulted in a very important life lesson taught to him vigorously by his mother. In fact Dwight Hicks reveres his mother for imparting to him many crucial life lessons. But the “star” incident caused Dwight Hicks a “child of television” to consider himself a proper candidate for inclusion into the world of performing arts beyond the football field and on stage and in front of a camera.

So as his on field football career wound down Dwight found himself co-hosting a popular San Francisco television show for FOX television. But he wanted more. It didn’t take very long and Dwight Hicks found himself on the set of the ultimately Oscar nominated feature film “The Rock.” Hicks played FBI Agent Star and was utterly transformed by watching the performances of his fellow cast members Sean Connery and Nicholas Cage. Next up was his role as a school principal in “Jack” starring Robin Williams, Jennifer Lopez and Bill Cosby. The transformation from football field to movie (and TV) screen was now complete.

Along his ever growing acting career path one day he found himself involved in a project that just didn’t work out. Sometimes these things simply happen and what skilled actors like Dwight Hicks do is to just move on. That is exactly what Dwight did do but not until he had made the acquaintance of a truly extraordinary young and beautiful lady Dawn Noel. As are all who come in contact with Dawn Noel, Dwight Hicks was deeply impressed with her talent and astounding work ethic. So when Dawn asked Dwight if he would be willing to act in a project she was working on Dwight immediately agreed.

The project is the still in pre production short film, “One Heated Winter” [Please visit this IMDB link for complete project information.] written by Ty Mapps. Hicks plays a gangster, a real stretch from his comfort zone but a challenge he has fully embraced. The whole point of the short film is to use it to stimulate support for an ultimate feature film. But as I am certain Dwight Hicks would agree simply being fourth down and goal is never the same thing as a sure win or even a score. So Dawn Noel has employed a crowd funding resource and can still use just a little bit of help getting “One Heated Winter” into the film equivalent of the end zone. Check it out and join their team at:

I have been around the film and television world a very long time. I have met a huge number of people in “the industry" many of them very nice and some very talented. But I say with total sincerity that Dwight Hicks and Dawn Noel are two of the most interesting and gifted people in the business of film making today. Both have the winners attitude of never ever quitting and both have the requisite talent to make something great. Consequently I am convinced that all who help them get this project done will be associating themselves with two of the brightest stars of the century. And sometimes it just feels good to be even in a small way a part of something really good.

Copyright 2014 Ronald Irwin

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