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DWI: You cannot afford it!

 Houston is such a spread out city that bar hopping could mean driving from Tipsy Clover in Midtown to Pearl Bar on Washington Avenue. The number of DWI arrests has risen over this summer since these popular bars have opened.

With the rise of new clubs, bars and lounges popping up in Houston so has the number of police on patrol, ready to pop somebody for a DWI. Not that the cops are out there to rain on your parade, but rather to keep everybody safe. Getting a DWI is no joke especially in Texas, Do not get caught!

With Houston being such a spread out city, why don’t people take cabs? A Houston cab ride within the loop will cost you about $10 bucks, that’s even cheaper then the $15 parking places are charging on Washington Avenue now!
If you get a DWI your $50 bar tab could turn into the most expensive bar tab ever:
Thousands for a lawyer
License suspension
Jail time
Breathalyzer in car
Alcohol safety classes
State mandated community service
$3,000 minimum to the state No matter what
$2,000 minimum fine No matter what
It all adds up to thousands and thousands of dollars plus time taken out of your life to deal with a whole mess that could have been avoided if you just had shelled out that extra $10 bucks and taken a cab! Don’t ever think that it couldn’t happen to you (it can).
Please drink and think responsibly.


  • Jennifer 5 years ago

    Great Advice. There are way too many drunk drivers in Houston, and reminding people that it not only costs money but can also cost your life, is a great idea.