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Dwayne Wade agrees to contract terms with Miami Heat

Dwayne Wade is a Miami Heat lifer
Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

Dwayne Wade announced his return to the Miami Heat on Tuesday afternoon. With a simple phrase, "Home is where the heart is, My Home, My City, My House," Wade let everybody know that he truly is a Miami Heat lifer.

The Miami Heat commenced the summer with a beat down at the hands of the San Antonio Spurs. The thrashing caused a domino effect that had the Heat in disarray to start the free agency period. However, only one major piece left signing when Dwayne Wade announced that he would remain with the Heat.

Carmelo Anthony re-signs with New York Knicks and Phil Jackson.

Prior to the start of free agency, Dwayne Wade opted out of his final two years, along with Chris Bosh and Lebron James. The move was in order to make room for Miami to offer James a max deal, however, all of the wheeling and dealing went for naught.

According to, Wade is expected to sign the new contract by Wednesday at the latest. ESPN states that the Miami Heat and D-Wade offered a contract that starts at $15 million per year.

If it stays at a two year deal as reported, Wade will make roughly $12 million less than the contract that he opted out of.

Earlier in the week, Miami’s off season hit a wave of emotions when Lebron James decided to head back to Cleveland with beloved letter released by Soon after, Miami made moves towards the future.

The Heat decided to make Chris Bosh their franchise player with a five year max deal worth $118 million. Although Bosh wanted to continue to play with Lebron James, he’s excited for the new challenge with the Miami Heat. Bosh was offered an $88 million deal by the Houston Rockets, before deciding to stay with the Heat.

Miami made plenty of moves to secure their forward position. Besides keeping Bosh in the fold, Miami brought in Josh McRoberts from Charlotte and Danny Granger from the Clippers. However, they were part of the solution before James officially announced his intentions.

Luol Deng has been the one tabbed to take King James’ place in the Heat rotation. Deng’s contract is worth 2-year’s $20 million, and he could be the difference between a Heat first round playoff exit and a fifth consecutive finals run.

Miami also re-signed Chris Anderson and point guard Mario Chalmers over the weekend. Udonis Haslem has also agreed to a 2-year $5.6 million deal with the Miami Heat on Tuesday.

Wade missed 28 games last season to rest his ailing legs. Will the Heat utilize the same strategy with Lebron James on the team? During the regular season, Dwayne Wade averaged 19 points 4.5 rebounds and 4.7 assists per game. Wade also shot 55% from the field in 2014. Still, it was not enough for Miami to win their third straight title.


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