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Dwayne Stovall speaks at Liberty Forum

Dwayne Stovall for US Senate
Dwayne Stovall for US Senate

Dwayne Stovall running for U.S. Senate from Texas spoke at the liberty Forum in Houston January 17, 2014 in front of a crowd of a few hundred. The rally was held at the King Street Patriots facilities and hosted by Ben Swann.

Republican Liberty Forum

Dwayne is running a grass roots campaign to unseat incumbent John Cornyn. The campaign efforts are orchestrated by Campaign manager Brett Rodgers who was also in attendance. There were many other speakers like Debra Medina running for State Comptroller, Gary Johnson former Presidential candidate under the Libertarian Party, and Kathy Glass running for Texas Governor to name only a few. But in the interest of full disclosure I was there primarily to cover Dwayne’s appearance.

The King Street Patriots facilities has seating for 300 and most of those were taken along with possibly another 100 or so standing around the perimeter of the seating where many candidates had tables set up with campaign hand outs ranging from cards to yard signs. And of course the campaign buttons. Along with the hundreds in the meeting room, there were many just outside the closed hall having individual conversation as to not disturb the speakers within the meeting room.

Dwayne in Dwayne’s normal self wowed the attendees’ with his stock premise that power belongs at the state level and less at the federal level. The crowd was receptive to Dwayne’s 10th Amendment stance and in agreement judging by their vigorous applause. Dwayne did his trademark comparison of how things should be as intended by our founders and how they actually are today. Dwayne was limited in time on stage by a preset program moderated by Ben Swann but extremely effective within his allocated time. After speaking Dwayne fielded questions asked of him and discuss his views with many who approached him and he replied to all.

Big thanks are due to King Street Patriots who reach out to patriotic groups to offer the use of their facilities in their quest to improve America and Americans’. Thanks is also due to organizers of The Liberty Forum, Republican Liberty Caucus Also Ben Swann did a great job of moderating and did not ask softball questions of the candidates. He asked some less typically main stream questions which tested the responses of the candidates.

It was refreshing to see the interest in the primary stage of the election cycle. It is in the primaries where citizens have a much broader selection of candidates to vet, as opposed to the only few on the election ballots. It was also good to see citizens coming together and being involved in the election process as all Americans’ should be. Assembling and discussing is forefatherish and it is encouraging to see an increase of citizens participating early in the primary process.

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