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Dwayne Stovall for U.S. Senate is bigger than Texas

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Texas has their Republican primaries on March 4, 2014. This election cycle has a new and refreshing difference with the running of Dwayne Stovall for U.S. Senate.

I had the honor of meeting Dwayne a few months back and have subsequently spent many hours speaking with, and getting to know him. I have spent my 38 years of voting for the lesser of evils while all along wishing that someday I could vote for someone I truly believed in, and now I will get my wish this March 4th.

Of course as in most elections there are opponents and this seat is no different. There is the incumbent John Cornyn who has upset his base lately with his voting record that seems to be in line with the inside the Beltway special interest voting patterns. There is also Steve Stockman who has what appears to be a lot of explaining about ethics issues and finance improprieties. Also in the running is Linda Vega an attorney who not much has been publicized. Along with the three mentioned there are a few more running but don’t seem to be viable at this writing.

What makes this election so important not only in Texas but in the entire country is the possibility of Texas setting the example for the other 49 states of electing Senators that have the people being the special interest as opposed to the status quo of Washington representing the big money elite. Electing Dwayne Stovall will put Texas in a situation of tag team Senators making political stands in the interest of the common working class American’s. Maybe Texas can be the seed that changes the dynamics of elections and governments to come. Because ultimately the only road to a greater America is one where American’s are represented, instead of only the few of extreme means being represented.

Dwayne is a considered a long shot by the establishment because the establishment is pushing Steve Stockman knowing he can easily be eliminated due to the many skeletons in his closet. This leaves the door wide open for the incumbent to insure the Washington status quo of the fleecing of America. A vote for Dwayne sends a statement to Washington which is; “don’t mess with we the people because we the people still hold the power with our votes.” And we the people can replace anyone who falls prey to the big money influence that is corrupting the future of our nation.

It is in the best interest of all Americans’ to get involved in electing Dwayne Stovall to U.S. Senate in Texas. Americans’ across the nation need to rally behind this man by spreading the word, donating money and time or both. By electing Dwayne we will have one more Senator that believes the federal government is too big and the states should run their own affairs as supported by the Tenth Amendment which reads, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” Voting for Dwayne puts one more Senator in the Senate that puts freedom first and protecting states sovereignty to control their destinies through the will of its citizens. And maybe, just maybe this would kick off a cleansing of Washington, one state at a time.

I urge all Americans’ to visit Dwayne’s site at and read for themselves what I know to be a good person with good vision for our country. Also follow Dwayne on Twitter @PuttingTexas1st and find him on Facebook at Texans For Stovall.

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