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Dwayne Johnson Considers Playing Black Adam in 'Shazam' Movie

Even the fans would prefer Dwayne Johnson turn heel for Shazam

One of the worst kept secrets around town is that Dwayne Johnson will be taking on some kind of role in a future DC Universe film for Warner Bros. The studio has been trying to get Johnson into the fold for years, as far back as Christopher Nolan's Batman run, and the actor WWE fans still refer to as "The Rock" hasn't exactly been silent about it. Most recently he's been dropping hints that he'll be starring in a Shazam movie but has remained vague on the details, and as I've suggested in the past it could be because he's not actually playing Shazam...he might be the villain.

In an interview with the AP, Johnson revealed that he has yet to choose between the Shazam (also known as Captain Marvel) role or that of his arch-enemy, Black Adam. When the rumors first surfaced years ago that Johnson was up for the film it was to be the bad guy, not the hero. And with Johnson reportedly saying he's "a fan of antiheroes" and that his favorite DC character is Black Adam, then it sounds like his decision is already made up.

It's a credit to Johnson's star power that Warner Bros. is letting him make the decision, even though the choice he makes should have a drastic effect on the franchise they're trying to build. If he decides to play Shazam they can go with a lesser name for Black Adam, but an A-lister will be needed if he chooses to play the villain. However things shake out, Johnson promises he will give all he has to the role....

Johnson: "I am putting my heart and soul and my bones into this role."

Johnson has also been rumored to play Green Lantern and the alien bounty hunter, Lobo. In the case of the latter, it would have paired Johnson with his Journey 2: The Mysterious Island director, Brad Peyton.

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