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DVD Tuesday: catch the underrated Oscar nominee 'Philomena'

This Tuesday’s new DVD and Blu-ray releases include what is probably the least seen of this year’s Oscar nominees, the drama “Philomena”, based on a true story. Other new release include the drama “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” and the comedy “Ride Along”, which was quite successful in theaters. What will you be seeing? Read about those movies and this Tuesday’s other new releases below, and leave a comment at the bottom letting us know.

Steve Coogan as cynical journalist Martin Sixsmith in "Philomena"
The Weinstein Company

Pick of the Week: “Philomena

Directed by Stephen Frears, “Philomena” is based on a true story and stars Judi Dench in the titular role. As a teenager in early 50s Ireland, Philomena was an unwed mother, sent away by her family to live in a convent where she and the other young single mothers did dirty work such as the laundry and were only allowed to see their children briefly once a day. But the nuns at the convent, believing that what these girls had done was a grievous sin, had no problem taking their children away from them, and as a toddler Philomena’s son Anthony was sold into adoption.

Over the years Philomena returned to the Abbey to inquire about the whereabouts of her son, with no luck. On what would have been his fiftieth birthday, her daughter’s chance meeting with the cynical, down-on-his-luck journalist Martin Sixsmith (Steve Coogan) causes her to decide to more actively dig into her son’s whereabouts. And while Martin, who is only in it to potentially find a good story, and Philomena, who is a loving, light-hearted, and deeply religious woman, are opposite personalities, they both learn from each other as they embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Runtime: 98 minutes. Rated PG-13 for some strong language, thematic elements, and sexual references.

Read my full review of “Philomena” here.

Other new releases:

· “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

· “Ride Along

· “The Nut Job

· “Black Nativity

· “The Invisible Woman

· “Great Expectations” (2013)

Looking to rent or buy the latest releases? Find a Redbox, Blockbuster, or Family Video in the St. Louis area.

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