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DVD review 'Cowboy Zombies' family fun with Zombies, Apache Indians & outlaws

Final poster for western film
"Cowboy Zombies" Facebook page

Cowboy Zombies” (Winters Film Group) is now on Blu-Ray & DVD which you can purchase at the official website ($29.95). You can also watch the western film streaming online at “Vimeo on Demand” ($5.00). Paul Winters directed & edited the movie. Screenplay by Gahan Wilson & Paul Winters. Executive producer Betsy Daniels. Associate producer Sam Bearpaw. Producers Patty & Paul Winters.

Cowboy Zombies” stars, Greg Bronson, Sandy Penny, Lee Whitestar, Mark Trombino, A. Calion Maston, Jared Anderson, Jessica Winters, Jean Paul Turgeon, Sam Keller, Efrain Escudero & Mark Grossman.

According to the official website of “Cowboy Zombies” the short synopsis is right here. “It's Arizona territory - 1870's and marshal Frank Wilcox along with Buffalo Soldier from the U.S. Army - will galvanize a group of disparate survivors to fight against the living dead. It's a world gone mad in the town of 'Crumpit' - as they fight the walking dead.”

This is strictly family fare with some added violence aimed only at dead people who become zombies. There is a lot of blood, but nothing that evolves into gore. There are comic situations, but that comes from dead zombies who keep coming back to life. Unless of-course when you shoot them in the head. Marshal Frank Wilcox (Paul Winters) narrates the film taking us back to his strange experience with zombies which are called, “things.”

As Frank rides his horse through the vast Arizona territory. He finally catches up with three ruthless outlaws. He shoots two of them dead & wounds the third. In the town called, “Crumpit” two men have been found guilty of rustling & one of them is hung to death. The second man prays to God to show him a sign before he dies. There is a loud thunder heard from the sky. The first man who was pronounced dead comes back to life. The towns people run away in the streets.

Frank is carrying his saddle when he feels the thunder & sees a flash in the sky. The bodies of the two dead outlaws begin to shake on the ground. One of them comes back to life acting like a zombie. Frank shoots him three times & finally sends a bullet through the head killing it completely. Back in town, the first rustler hung by his neck is mumbling gibberish. A young deputy checks the second dead rustler's heart pulse who bites him on the neck. The bungling deputy pulls his gun & accidentally shoots the sheriff.

So begins the zombie attack in the small western town of “Crumpit.” Frank teams up with a buffalo soldier as an Apache tribe gets involved. The towns people are clueless which adds to some of the comedy, but those flesh eating zombies steal the film. Your kids who like zombies will enjoy this.

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