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DVD recommendations for March 27


This week’s DVD recommendations are Coal Miner’s Daughter and Moon.

Coal Miner’s Daughter (released in 1980 by Universal Pictures) – This is the biographical film based on Kentucky native and music legend Loretta Lynn. Lynn was one of the first female country music stars and brought a degree of feminine strength that was uncommon at the time. The story covers Lynn’s poverty stricken childhood through her rise as one of the biggest female music personalities in history.

Sissy Spacek was handpicked by Lynn to play her in the film and won the Best Actress Oscar for the role. Tommy Lee Jones and Beverly D’Angelo supported Spacek’s brilliance with noted performances of their own. In addition to Spacek’s win, the film received six other Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

Moon (released in 2009 by Sony Pictures Classics) – This may have been the most underappreciated film of last year, at least by the American audience. It was awarded the Best British Independent Film and also received two nominations from BAFTA, the British version of the Oscars. The film has an 89% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Sam Rockwell stars, mostly by himself, as a man on the verge of a breakdown as he nears completion of a three year stint, working on the moon. The only company Rockwell has is a robotic assistant, voiced by Kevin Spacey. The film is an examination into what makes us human, with the desolate backdrop of the moon. There are elements which will remind the viewer of 2001: A Space Odyssey, Solaris and a handful of other sci-fi classics

Find time for one or both of these movies and drop me a line about your thoughts or suggest a future DVD at Have a great weekend.


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