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DVD recommendations for March 21


The DVD picks for this week are Stripes and Goldfinger, both involving Fort Knox.

Stripes (released by Columbia Pictures in 1981) – This comedy stars Bill Murray as a Louisville cab driver in the midst of his worst day. He decides to join the Army and takes his best friend, played by Harold Ramis, with him. Upon arrival, the pair proceeds to get their platoon in and out of trouble before leading the men in graduation proceedings, one of the most memorable comedic scenes of that decade.

The basic training scenes were filmed at Fort Knox, just south of Louisville. The comedy was the first significant screen time for Ramis, John Larroquette, Sean Young and Judge Reinhold as well as an early role for John Candy. The idea was originally set as a vehicle for Cheech and Chong. The script was retooled for Murray and Ramis and the rest is history. The film holds an 88% “fresh” rating from Rotten Tomatoes.

Goldfinger (released by United Artists in 1964) – This film is the third in the James Bond series but the first blockbuster. Bond follows the title character as he plans a nuclear detonation at Fort Knox. Goldfinger also started the tradition of a pop song being sung through the opening credits.

The movie cost $3 million, a very large amount at the time, but recouped the budget in two weeks. The film has received mostly positive reviews from critics and has been tabbed on more than one occasion as the best Bond film. Goldfinger also inspired a number of spoofs and scenes of homage. The movie Goldmember is a spoof of the entire film and the opening scene of True Lies shows the removing of a wet suit to reveal a dry tuxedo. Some of the stunts have also been examined in the Discovery Channel show Mythbusters.

Find some time and check out one or both of these movies. Feel free to drop me a line about your thoughts or suggest a future DVD at Have a great weekend.


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