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DVA neglects benefit claims of US veterans

US soldiers operate in Kunar province, Afghanistan.
US soldiers operate in Kunar province, Afghanistan.

They had sacrificed their lives to defend democracy and the political interests of America.

But many American veterans, who fought in foreign countries, are beginning to feel the negative impacts of the federal government's neglect over their claims of benefits that are supposed for them. Sadly, they urgently need these benefit claims when many of them are disabled physically and mentally.

This report was based on a segment on US veterans aired Sunday (Jan. 3, 2010) on 60 Minutes. CBS correspondent Byron Pitts  said that millions of US veterans of foreign wars have been denied benefit claims  by the Department of Veterans Affairs, a federal government agency that is supposed to protect them in time of need.

"There is a saying in the military that no one should be left behind. But the Department of Veterans Affairs had left them behind," the 60 Minutes segment said.

An ranking official at the DVA said that before a veteran can claim benefits should prove that the disability claim was service-connected. At present, some 400,000 claims filed by those who are veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan wars, remain pending. Veterans said they are not proud of what the DVA is doing right now.

According to them, the DVA, which has leadership problem, has at least a million pending claims that need action and approval. This is because most of the DVA employees are not performing their jobs well.

Worse is that If a veteran does not agree with a veteran's claim, he has to wait for another four years before his claim can be acted upon. But there is no assurance yet that it would be approved.

The complexities of reconciling veterans' records against that of the DVA are in a mess so that putting the system in place makes it doubly difficult for both parties to iron out the kinks and meet halfway. This is the biggest problem that now hounds the benefit claims of veterans of foreign wars with the federal government. And a great number of them are left out in the cold.


  • Troy Spurlock 5 years ago

    This article couldn't be more true. I learned long ago not to trust any service organization like DAV, VFW or AMVETS (especially). They employ the same poor quality of individuals that work against rather than for the veteran. Why? Because the DAV, VFW, AMVETS, et al have to toe the line with the Department of Veterans Affairs Health and Benefits Administrations; as well as policitans as well. Though it took me a ridiculously long 10 years to get my 100%, I did get it, and on my own beating two different regional offices in their asinine denials. When the BVA got my appeal, they ruled in my favor within 3 months of receipt. How's that for kicking the VA's tail on an overdue and obvious claim that should have been ruled in my favor years before!!

  • Troy Spurlock 5 years ago

    Any veteran reading this article can find me at and for more information, updates, and feedback on the status of VA claims and more.

  • Jim S. 5 years ago

    Check which way the VSO's, and always have, reason most of us 'Nam Vets never joined them, lean as well as which representatives obstruct and then never mentioned 'citizen sacrifice' as they rubber stamped every want of the previous administration Except the costs and upgrading the ancient record keeping technology of those returning from their Wars Of Choice!! This isn't New and you can Look Directly At The American Public and Especially a once proud, but no more, political party!!
    'Nam '70-'71 last of four and an Independent who knows where to lay blame!!

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