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Dutchland vs Ithaca recap

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The Dutchland Derby Rollers hosted their second home bout doubleheader April 5th at Overlook Activities Center in Lancaster, PA. Dutchland’s A and B teams, the All-Stars and Blitz respectively, hosted A and B rosters from Ithaca League of Women Rollers from Ithaca, NY. For the first bout of the evening, the Dutchland All-Stars took on Ithaca’s A team, the Sufferjets. The skill sets of both teams were evenly matched, which made for some exciting derby. 15 minutes into the first half, Dutchland led Ithaca by 14 points with a score of 44-30. By halftime, the Sufferjets had pulled ahead of Dutchland by a small margin with a score of 67-64. During the second half, Ithaca increased their lead over Dutchland 106-76. With five minutes left in the second half of the first bout, the Sufferjets continued to pull ahead of the All-Stars with a 155-96 score. Ithaca’s Sufferjets took the win over Dutchland’s All- Stars with a final score of 166-103. Dutchland All-Star Sistine Shrapnel was named MVP for the first bout of the evening. The second bout of the doubleheader featured another Lancaster/ Ithaca matchup as Dutchland’s B team, the Blitz, battled Ithaca’s League of Women Rollers’ B team, the BlueStockings. 15 minutes into the first half, the Blitz captured an early lead over the BlueStockings with a score of 49-29. The Dutchland Blitz maintained their lead over Ithaca throughout the first half. The score at half time stood at 97-65 in favor of the Blitz. During the second half, the BlueStockings began to chip away at the Blitz lead with a score of 135-114. The Blitz managed to pull it out and secure the victory over the BlueStockings with a very close final score of 175-166. Dutchland MVP for the second bout was Nelly Hurtado. Dutchland’s All-Stars and Blitz will travel to Pittsburgh to take on and Steel City’s B Team, the STEEL Beamers on April 12th and the LowCountry Highrollers from Charleston, SC on April 13th.