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Dutchland Rollers 2014 Season Opener

Jammer Punk Sue Tawney
Jim Rhoades

The Dutchland Derby Rollers kicked off their 2014 season with a home doubleheader on March 8th at Overlook Activities Center in Lancaster, PA. The Dutchland Blitz hosted the Jerzey Derby Brigade Corporal Punishers for the first match up of the evening. The Punishers proved to be a formidable opponent for the Blitz, and the score for the first half was close with the two teams exchanging leads. Midway through the first half, the Blitz led the Punishers 37-19. By halftime, however, the Corporal Punishers gained the lead 69-55 as the Blitz found themselves in some serious penalty trouble. During the second half, due to superb defense and less penalties, the Blitz again took the lead and claimed a 145-95 victory over the Corporal Punishers. MVP for the Blitz was Leah Loveless and MVP for the Jerzey Derby Brigade was Lil MO Peep. The Dutchland Crush took on Two Rivers Roller Derby during the second bout of the evening. The Crush was tenacious and put up a good fight throughout the first and second halves; however, Two Rivers took the win with a final score of 187-141. MVP for the Crush was Thrill Murray and Queen Guillotine was named MVP for Two Rivers.

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