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Dutchland May 3rd doubleheader

On May 3 the Dutchland Derby Rollers hosted their third home bout of the 2014 season at Overlook Activities Center in Lancaster, PA. During the first half of the evening, a roster of Dutchland All-Stars made up of: Melanie Ianniello, Marie Antoithreat, Jocelyn Bassler, Spanish Incollision, Emma Pistol, Laverne N. Surly, Lurz Lemon, Sistine Shrapnel, Susie Nugent, Salt N. Decker, KT Boundary, Raggedy Aneurysm, Nelly Hurtado, Porsche Bloxter took on the Green Mountain Derby Dames from Essex Junction, Vermont. Fifteen minutes into the first half, Green Mountain took the lead 56-28. The half time score of 84-54 stood in favor of the Derby Dames. Throughout the second half, Green Mountain increased their lead over the All-Stars with a score of 131-72. The Derby Dames took the win over Dutchland with a final score of 173-84. For the second half of the evening, a roster of the Dutchland Orange Crush: Char Bizarre, Donita B. Hostile, Dunna Vetta, Macon A. Ruckus, Mell Razor, Metaphor Shadow, Mya Psychosis, Nictorious DD, Nikki Sixpack, Sleepy Holla, Starsky Anne Dutch, White Winged Shove, and Leah Loveless faced off against Westmoreland Roller Derby from Mt. Pleasant, PA. Westmoreland took a sizable early lead over Dutchland and held onto it. The halftime score for the second bout was 107-47. Westmoreland claimed a victory over the Dutchland Orange Crush with a 234-90 final score.