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Dutchland Blitz vs. LVRG

On Saturday May 31st, a roster of Dutchland’s B team the Blitz: White Winged Shove, Punk Sue Tawney, Nikki Sixpack, Acute Toxicity, Vanitti, Leah Loveless, Mell Raiser, Simply the Beth, Harper’s Fury, Venus Van Dam, and Porsche Bloxter traveled to Schnecksville, PA to take on the Lehigh Valley Rollergirls Metal Vixens. Lehigh’s roster was a blend of A and B team skaters: Absolute Bond Rage, Anita Shot, D. TainHer, Double Barrel HotgunZ, Helen Darink, Hell Razin’ Hussy, Lin Diesel, Maulecule, MJ Slamher, She Rocks, Spock-it to you, Sylvestra Shalom, Toxic, and Vanilla Creamher. The Metal Vixens demonstrated pack dominance early in the bout, and the Blitz had a difficult time countering Lehigh’s effective blocking, solid defense, and jammer fluidity. The Metal Vixens claimed an early sizable lead and continued to pull ahead of the Blitz throughout the first thirty minutes of the bout. The halftime score stood at 114-17 in favor of Lehigh. Throughout the second half the Metal Vixens increased their lead over the Blitz and took a 233-60 win. MVP jammer for Dutchland was Punk Sue Tawney and MVP Dutchland blocker was Simply the Beth.