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Dutch urban radio station Funx hosts first annual music awards

On Thursday night, the moment that the Dutch Hip-Hop community had be waiting for, had finally arrived. Dutch urban radio station Funx, presented its first annual music awards show, in Amsterdam' the Melkweg. A few weeks before the awards show, listeners were given the privilege too select who they thought were the 'best of the best' within the Dutch Hip-Hop scene.

Mr. Probz accepting his Funx Music Award.
Kevin P. Roberson
Dutch urban radio station Funx hosts first annual music awards
Kevin P. Roberson

Twenty-seven Dutch artists were selected as contenders for ten different categories. Dutch rapper, Keizer was recognized by the fans with a Funx Music Award, as he won the category "Best MC". Due to other obligations, Keizer wasn't present during the presentation of his award. His colleague Negativ, accepted the award in his behalf.

Maurits Delchot is better known by his stage name Negativ. He is a Dutch rapper, actor and radio broadcaster. Negativ was born in Amsterdam-East and has Suriname roots. He also hosts the MTNL television program "Hotspot," were he presents the latest Hip Hop and R&B music videos. Due to government budget cuts, Hotspot is now broadcasted by AT5.

During the award ceremony, different Dutch artists entertained their fans by giving life performances. One of the live acts that stood out, came from Digitzz and DJ Lady Bee, when they performed "The Jam". Digitzz is a former member of the group Noeveau Riche, but has recently signed a contract with Dutch record label Top Notch.

What sets Digitzz apart from the rest, is that he has chosen too rap in English instead of Dutch. Last year, during an appearance on the popular Dutch current events program "De Wereld Draait Door," Digitzz explained that Snoop Dogg has been a major influence within his development as an artist. This influence can be heard in the smooth tunes and relaxed lyrics that Digitzz and DJ Lady B produce in their hit track "The Jam".

Funx was launched 10-years ago and sees the first annual Funx Music Award Show as a true accomplishment. The Dutch radio station is the first and only station that targets a multicultural audience. A majority of the artists, if not all, thanked Funx for giving them a platform to spread their work when no one else would.

Another big winner at the Funx Music Awards, was Mr. Probz as he won awards for "Best Vocals" and "Best Track". The award for "Best Group" went too Great Minds. Jiggy Djé accepted the award for the group and thanked the fans for all of their support. The "Best Club DJ" award went to the internationally recognized Dutch DJ trio, Yellow Claw. Rap group the Opposites pulled in the "Best Album" award with they're LP "Slapeloze Nachten".

Last year, the Opposites also received a golden record for successfully selling 25,000 copies of their LP. The "Best New Artist" award went to the Rotterdam based rap group Broederliefde. Jayh Jawson was recognized by the fans with a "Best Video" award for his smash hit 'Mooie Dag'. Rapper and R&B artist Ronnie Flex, wasn't recognized for his extraordinary musical talent, but received an award for "Best Style". Like Mr. Probz, Keizer received a second award for "Best Online Presence".