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Dutch hockey fight: Brawl breaks out as goalie, ref head into stands to save dad

Hockey fights are something that aren't overly uncommon, but a brawl broke out in a Dutch hockey game that was unlike any that's ever been seen. reported on March 20, 2014, that a fight broke out in the stands and it involved the father of a referee and goalie that were on the ice, and both attempted to get up to come to his protection.

A Dutch hockey fight broke out and things got ugly.
Omroep Brabant

Yes, this fight actually involved the following:

  • Spectators brawling
  • Spectators fighting and rolling down bleachers
  • A referee getting into it with other referees as he attempted to leave the ice and enter the stands
  • A goalie attempting to scale a wall and climb over the glass to get into the stands

Believe it or not, the fight involved no actual players fighting with one another.

During the third period playoff game between Eindhoven and Geleen, a hard hit on the ice set off some of the fans in the stands. They began arguing and eventually began fighting.

In the stands, a man got hit. That man was the father of referee Ramon Sterkens and Eindhoven's back-up goalie Michael Sterkens. Once they saw this,the ref tried to leave the ice through a side door while the goalie attempted to scale the glass.

Eindhoven was leading 5-1 at the 45-minute mark when the game was called off. They were awarded the victory, and the fight ended up being broken up.

Hopefully, things have cooled off because Geleen and Eindhoven meet again in the championship game this upcoming weekend.

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