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Dusty Hernandez-Harrison is ready to get back in the ring

Dusty is back in the ring at Madison Square Garden
Dusty is back in the ring at Madison Square Garden
Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Welterweight contender, Dusty Hernandez-Harrison is getting back in the ring on this Saturday in Madison Square Garden on the under card of Gennady Golovkin vs. Daniel Geale for Golovkin's Super World-IBO Middleweight title. The fight will be shown on HBO. Dusty's fight will not be shown. Hernandez-Harrison's last fight was in May and this is one of the longest lay offs of his pro career, over 2 months. His opponent will be Wilfredo Acuna. He is a southpaw with a 15-14-12 KO's record, "a real tough guy", says trainer Buddy Harrison.

Harrison said, "We went through a dozen fighters. They all do not want to fight him or they want too much money to fight him. It looks like the opponents always get more money than Dusty, unfortunately, that's the way it works. He's a hard hitter, a southpaw and he agreed to fight us." Harrison is not worried that his son will not be fighting once a month as he has done in his pro career. "We always take one week off after each fight. We have done that since the amateur days where he had 197 fights. He was kind of angry with me...... he did not want to fight this week because he wanted to attend his family reunion in Puerto Rico. He will miss about a week of it. He will be on a plane on Monday morning. He has a job to do, so he'll do the job and then go."

Harrison, 54, is pleased with how things are going with his son, who just turned 20 and carries a record of 22-0-12 KO's into Saturday's fight. "He is maturing so much. I used to monitor what he eats, but I don't do that anymore. He weighed himself the other day and the scale showed 149 pounds, just 2 over the limit of 147 for a welterweight fight." Harrison also does not worry about tough opponents. "I think a little different from most fathers or trainers. I believe in God and what ever happens will happen. We don't always know why something happens at the time, but we look back and say 'that's why that happened'. I spent 19 years in prison and at the time, I asked, what is happening to me, now I know and I would not trade any of it." There is a chance Dusty will fight in his home town of Washington, DC in his next fight. Plans will be announced at a later date. Please subscribe and keep up with undefeated, Dusty Hernandez-Harrison.